Main Office Hours Set Up

The Main Numbers tab is where you can manage your office hours and call flow

Office Hours Strategy

  1. Navigate to the Main Number tab of the Smart PBX Hub
  2. Click on Office Hours Strategy and choose either 24hrs Open Office or Custom Office Hours

24 Hours Open Office is applicable if you would like calls to flow with the same strategy no matter what day or time your office receives a call

Custom Office Hours is for when you would like a different call strategy for the times your office is open vs when your office is closed

Custom Office Hours

  1. To set the Custom Office Hours strategy, input the days of the week and hours of the day your business is open
  2. Click Save changes

Holiday Hours

You can also tell the system that you are going to be closed for specific holidays during the year

  1. From the Main Number Tab, choose Office Holidays to reveal the schedule
  2. Check Mark the box "Are you closed for the holidays?"
  3. Choose if it’s a single day or range of days your office will be closed and input the dates (you can change the name of the holiday in the description box if desired). The Advanced setting allows you to create a holiday which falls on a consistent day, but variable date, such as the first Monday in September for Labour Day holiday
  4. Click Save changes

Optional: Click on Add Holiday as an option to add more holiday dates

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