Add or Edit a Device

The Devices tab is where you can add, view, assign and edit all your users' devices in one place 

To Add a Device

  1. By clicking the Add Device button on the top of the screen, you can add a device to your account
  2. Choose the Device you want to add, from the drop-down menu
  3. Enter the Device Name (Ex: John's Softphone) and Assign it to the user of your choice
  4. Click on Create Device

Please do not change the SIP Username Name! 


To Edit a Device

  1. In the List of Devices, click the wrench icon to edit a specific device
  2. Options are now presented to assign it to a specific user
  3. Once done, click on Save Changes

Please do not change the SIP Username Name! 

! Notice there is also a Delete Device option. Use this cautiously and ensure this device is not Live at time of deletion

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