Conferences App

The Conferences app allows you to create and edit your conference numbers

Navigate to the Conferences App by clicking on the Apps icon (the grid icon found next to your account name in the upper right-hand corner of the portal) and click on Conferences. 

  1. To create a Conference, click the Create Conference button at the top of the page
  2. Once the Conference is created, you can view and manage the conference by clicking the eye icon beside your conference
  3. When creating a new conference number, give the conference
    • a name
    • an owner (if applicable)
    • a Moderator PIN for the leader of the conference
    • a Participants PIN* for the participants of the conference
    • a Conference ID Number*
  4. You can set the participants to join in a muted or deaf state, meaning they cannot chat or hear audio until the moderator allows
  5. You can choose to have an entry and exit tone play as people join and leave the conference
  6. Provide the Conference participants with a Call-in Number (found on the Call-in Numbers tab) and the Participant PIN number

When the user enters the conference via the Call-in number, the system will ask them to provide the Conference ID Number followed by the # key. Then it will ask them for the PIN number followed by the # key.

** Multiple conferences can be accessed using the same Call-In Number **

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