Adding a SIP Phone to the Account

The Devices tab is where you can add a new SIP Phone to your account

  1. Click the Add Device button on the top of the screen
  2. Choose SIP Phone from the drop-down menu
  3. Copy the SIP username into the device name field
  4. Select the user this device will be assigned to, from the drop-down menu
  5. Navigate to the Advanced drop-down menu and select Miscellaneous
  6. Select Encrypt the audio check box and ensure the type of encryption is SRTP
  7. Click Create Device

Currently, SRTP encryption is supported by Polycom and Grandstream SIP Devices and must always be enabled.

Additional Definitions

Advanced Drop-down Menu |Miscellaneous

Ignore completed Elsewhere when checked will show a missed call if the extension was part of a ring group and the call was answered on another device.

Notify when unregistered will notify the administrator on the account each time the device unregisters.

Caller-ID privacy determines what appears as Caller ID for outbound calls.

Encrypt the audio provides an additional layer of security to calls and when enabled audio files are stored in an encrypted format. SRTP adds further security features such as message authentication, confidentiality, and replay. ZRTP is a key agreement protocol that negotiates the keys for encryption between two endpoints.

Restrictions will allow you to enable or disable call restrictions for a user.

Video codec is software that compresses your video. The most common codec is h.264. This is a very efficient codec which results in a high quality video.

Audio codec is software that compresses and decompresses digital audio.

Your available codec has already been set upon account creation by your NEWT Cloud team. Please reach out to your NEWT Cloud support team if you wish to make changes to this feature.

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