User Call Forwarding Set Up

Call Forwarding is the option to forward calls into the extension to either another extension or a cell phone

  1. Begin by Navigating to the Users tab in the Smart PBX App
  2. Navigate to the user you would like to forward calls for
  3. Click on the column labelled User Features for that user
  4. Select the call forwarding option
  5. Click ON
  6. From the dropdown menu, choose where you would like your calls to go
  7. Click on Save Changes


Additional Configuration

Failover Mode: when this feature is enabled, all calls to your extension to be forwarded if all your devices were offline

Leave Voicemails on Forwarded Numbers allows callers to leave voicemails in the mailbox of the number calls are forwarded to

Forward direct calls only sends calls to another number only if the caller dialed the extension directly

Keep Original Caller-ID: display as the caller's Caller-ID rather than the Caller-ID of the forwarded extension


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