Voicemail Boxes - Advanced Set Up

The Voicemail Box tab is where users voicemail options can be set up

From the advanced button you can set up additional user Options, choose the recipients of voicemails, and upload new greeting media.


Advanced | Options Section

In the Options section, the user can change their time zone and select various features.

  1. Navigate to the Advanced -> Options tab
  2. To change your user's Time Zone - select the desired time zone from the drop-down menu
  3. To configure how the user voicemail box is handled, select or unselect from the features listed below. Hover over each option for a definition of it's function


Advanced | Recipients Section

Recipients of a VM Box is beneficial when multiple people are required to check a VM Box.

To manage who will be notified when someone leaves a message:

  1. Navigate to the Advanced -> Recipients Tab
  2. Click on add a new recipient and enter the Email address of the recipient
  3. Click on Save Changes


Advanced | Greeting Media Section

For a more professional approach, you can set up the Greeting Media.

  1. Navigate to Advanced -> Greeting Media
  2. Select from the loaded media files or upload your recorded mp3 media file
  3. Click on Save Changes


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