Adding a Desktop Softphone

The User Tab is where you can add a new Desktop Softphone

  1. Begin by Navigating to the Users tab in the Smart PBX App
  2. Navigate to the User you want to add the Desktop Softphone to
  3. In the column labelled Devices, click to open the selection and click on the + New Device link
  4. Choose Softphone from the drop-down menu
  5. Enter the Device Name (i.e.: John's Desktop Softphone)
  6. Navigate to the Advanced drop-down menu
  7. Choose Miscellaneous
  8. Select Encrypt the audio check box and ensure the type of encryption is set to SRTP
  9. Click Create Device
  10. Once you have added the Device, contact to have the device activated
  11. Instruct your user to download the Desktop App from

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