Provisioning SIP Device - Grandstream (Not NEWT Supplied)

Provision the Grandstream phone to work with your NEWT Cloud Account

**The following instructions ONLY pertain to Grandstream 2135, 2140 and 2170 devices purchased outside of NEWT**

Capture the NEWT Cloud Account SIP Device Credentials

  1. First go to the NEWT Cloud Portal and navigate to the Users tab in the Smart PBX App
    • Go to the Devices Column of the user and click on the Device icon
    • Select the device labelled SIP device or the device that has the handset icon
    • Capture the Device Name, SIP Username, SIP Password (click in the box to reveal the password) and the Realm. Once you have that information captured, continue to the "Provisioning Set Up" instructions below
    • Important step! Go to Advanced -> Miscellaneous and ensure that Encrypt the Audio is selected

Connect the Handset

  1. Connect the handset to the internet line using the LAN port on the back of the phone.
  2. Then connect the handset to your computer, using the phone port on the back of the phone.
  3. If this is NOT a new "out of the box" phone, factory reset the handset. Otherwise skip these steps
    • On your Handset, press the center navigational button on the phone
    • Go to System-> Factory Reset

Log in to the Devices WebUI

  1. On your Handset, navigate to the Menu by selecting the center direction button to retrieve the IP Address from the phone
    • Go to status -> Network Status -> IPv4 Address
  2. Enter the IP Address into your browser (You may need to enter https:// before the IP)
    • Enter the username and password. By default, the username and password are "admin", but this may have been changed in the past. You will be asked to update the login in password. We recommend using "admin1"
  3. Upgrade the Firmware for this device
    • Go to Maintenance
    • Select Upgrade and Provisioning from the drop-down menu.
    • Ensure "Always check for new firmware" is selected
    • Click Save and Apply

Provisioning Set Up

Update the Account Settings

  1. Navigate to the Accounts Tab -> Account 1 -> General Settings
  2. Using the information you gathered from the User's SIP Device Credentials in the NEWT Cloud account, fill in the form as below and click Save and apply 
    • Account Name: the extension number
    • SIP Server: [Realm]
    • Outbound Proxy: [Realm]
    • SIP User ID: [SIP Username]
    • Authenticate ID: [SIP Username]
    • Authenticate Password: [SIP Password]
    • Name: extension number (this must be the same information you entered into the Account Name above)
    • Voicemail Access Number: *98
    • Click Save and Apply

Update the Audio Settings

  1. Back at the top, navigate to the Accounts Tab -> Account 1 -> Audio Settings 
    • Select "Yes" for "Use First Matching Vocoder in 200OK SDP" 
    • Select "Enabled and Forced" from the SRTP Mode drop-down menu
    • Click Save and Apply

Update the Call Features

  1. Back at the top, navigate to the Settings Tab -> Call Features
    • You will be on the Preferred Default Account: Account 1
    • Navigate down to the Disable Direct IP Call and select Yes
    • Click Save and Apply
  2. Navigate to Accounts -> Account 1 -> SIP Settings -> Security Settings
    • Find Accept Incoming SIP from Proxy Only and select Yes
    • Save and Apply

Reboot the Phone

  1. Navigate to the top of the screen
    • Select Reboot

Once rebooted, you will notice the phone Icon in green with the extension # showing on the handset.

You are all set!



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