Grandstream Inbound Garbled Audio

Grandstream Codec Issue

Symptoms: For an inbound call, there is one-way outbound audio from the affected Grandstream handset. The caller can hear the callee, but the audio is garbled. Outbound calls from the Grandstream handset work normally.

Issue: The Grandstream handset has not selected a compatible audio codec during an inbound call and has resulted in broken audio.

Fix: Changing the handset to use the audio codec from the caller will result in selecting a compatible audio codec.

  1. Using the IP Address of the phone, enter the IP Address into your browser

  2. Log into the phone WebUI, then select “Account 1" (or the account NEWT Cloud is configured on)

  3. Select "Audio Settings” from the top menu bar

  4. Change the feature “Use first matching vocoder in 200OK SDP” to “Yes”

  5. Ensure SRTP Mode is "Enabled and Forced"
  6. Click on Save and Apply



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