Kasda KW6262V3 DSL Modem

To swap your Thomson TG784 DSL modem to the Kasda KW6262V3 DSL Modem, follow the following instructions:

Note: Your Internet and Phone services will be disconnected during this time


  1. Disconnect all cables and phones from the Thomson TG784 and unplug from the power outlet
  2. Connect the Kasda KW6262 DSL Modem to the active phone jack on the wall using the existing phone cable (or the new cable provided)
  3. Connect the Kasda KW6262 DSL Modem to a power outlet using the power adapter provided. If the device does not power on, look for a power switch. The modem will automatically download the proper configuration files. Please wait a few minutes for this process to complete.
  4. Connect using a Computer

    Connect the DSL modem to a computer with an ethernet port, using the ethernet cable provided with the modem

    Connect using WiFi

    Network SSID: NEWT or NEWT_5G

    Password: Serial Number (S/N), located on the modem sticker


Only Complete the next step if you have an Internet and NEWT Cloud Voice Bundle. If you are an Internet-only customer, your set up is complete.

  1. Connect the Kasda KW6262 DSL Modem to your NEWT Provided Polycom handsets using the supplied ethernet cable(s). Connect the supplied power adapter(s) to the phone(s) and wait until the phone(s) boot up. This process with take a few minutes. You're all done!

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